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Welcome to Rez a 25 man Horde side guild on the server Magtheridon!  We are a long standing guild with members and leadership that has been raiding since vanilla.  Please feel free to poke around and even apply if you are not a current member of the guild.

Rez is currently recruiting for Healers and DPS to fill our active 25 man raiding core.
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H-Archimonde, Mythic Hellfire Assault, Mythic Iron Reaver

by GM Priceless, 280 days ago

December was a crazy month!  With all of the normal holiday festivities Rez still managed to kill heroic Archimonde multiple times!   Follow that with attempts and a kill of Mythic Hellfire Assault and December becomes a very product month!   Last week also marked our first downing of Mythic Iron Reaver which took only a little bit of strategy modification!



Heroic Archimonde

Great Job Everyone!


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The end of October ends with a bang!

by GM Priceless, 357 days ago

Heroic Fel Lord Zakuun

The end of October marked some pretty impressive accomplishments for Rez, we downed Fel Lord Zakuun in a little over 4 minutes in what was one of the cleanest kills I have ever seen.  Then we proceeded to full clear all of our previous killed bosses on heroic and still manage to get shards from Archimonde on normal!   I can not wait to see what the coming weeks bring as we wrap up heroic Hellfire Citadel and begin our progression into Mythic, just in time for Blizzcon!

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